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IPSWICH – The Ipswich teenager who died after his bike collided with a van just after 6 p.m. Friday night is warmly remembered by the rest of the Gordon Juniors Crew.

Ben Colaneri was cycling home along Route 1A after an afternoon of swimming when the accident occurred.

Police released few details other than that he was driving south on the northbound lane of the busy highway when the bike and truck collided a few hundred yards north of the old Cable Memorial Hospital.

A nearby police officer who saw the crash administered first aid to the seriously injured youngster before he was taken by ambulance to a local hospital, where he died.

Colaneri, who was reportedly a high school student this fall and was home schooled, had been a member of the Gordon Juniors Crew since its founding. He “hasn’t missed a beat in his relentless pursuit of speed and laughter,” read a line of a commemorative tribute to Ben on the website, launched on Sunday in his name.

“We can’t imagine what it will be like to wake up to workouts at 5 am,†the tribute opens, “in a world where Ben isn’t already training. on a bike, or a world where the “stop flexing” sign on the dressing room mirror won’t be necessary. We know that whatever we do, we can’t mend the shattering loss of a teammate just days after her 16th birthday.

“We’re ready to carry his legacy down the line for the rest of our rowing career, but we need help doing it. Ben’s favorite boats, the Flicka and the Blue Jay are Filippis (a company Italian who makes racing sculls and hulls) and his record in the men’s double, locally and nationally, is one we intend to maintain. If you’re looking for ways to make sure Ben never stops To cheer on her teammates, find free speed and tough limits, please consider joining the Gordon Rowing Association in our quest to dedicate a new boat in her honor before the fall season begins. “

Team members have stated “the team is together and will remain so for the next few days, and while we welcome hugs, we ask that you respect the privacy of teammates and teammates as we learn to” be. good when all is not well “. ‘”

As of Monday afternoon, the site had raised $ 17,680 to reach its goal of $ 25,000.



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