Summer holidays in the Mediterranean – without going abroad



On the last day of my experience, I tried to emulate classic European street style.

After flipping through a few magazines and browsing Instagram, I decided to go for timeless clothes that wouldn’t be out of place in a Milan cafe: loose pale jeans, a fitted blazer, loafers and a structured crossbody bag.

Granted, I probably looked a little out of place in my local greasy spoon, but as I sat outside with my sunglasses on, sipping a double espresso, my embarrassment evaporated.

I felt pretty confident and – dare I say it – sophisticated.

Now, as I reflect on my week of adopting the Mediterranean lifestyle, I realize that I literally enjoyed every aspect. The alfresco dining, the cafe culture, the leisurely lunches, it was all so refreshing.

I even discovered that I could get a whole new sense of style.

Yes, I will miss the spectacular views of a foreign landscape this year, and still prefer to cycle through a Tuscan vineyard than my own street, but adopting a different mindset I felt as relaxed as I would like it on vacation on my own lawn.

And while I certainly haven’t gotten a tan, I may have more in common with our glamorous Mediterranean cousins ​​than I initially thought …


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