SC Project launches CR-T slip-on exhaust for the 2021 BMW S 1000 R



Italian exhaust specialist SC Project is known for making some of the loudest exhaust systems available on the market today. While I’m more than sure not everyone is a fan of these loud and sometimes obnoxious exhaust systems, especially when used by delighted teenagers, there is no denying that many motorcycle enthusiasts want to improve. the exhaust note of their two-wheeler. .

When you go for an aftermarket exhaust, you usually have two options: a full system exhaust and a slip-on. Full system exhausts usually offer the most performance gains, but they also add a lot, and I mean a lot of noise. As such, slip-on systems are a cheaper, quieter, and easier way to upgrade your bike’s stock exhaust system. SC Project recently launched a new slip-on system for the BMW S 1000 R. This high-performance naked motorcycle shares the same engine as the S 1000 RR sports motorcycle and is also one of the most powerful naked motorcycles currently in production.

The SC Project CR-T muffler uses the unmistakable style of exhaust systems found in GP racing motorcycles. In fact, the CR-T is the same exhaust pipe used by some Moto2 machines. For street bikes, however, the CR-T offers sporty styling, substantial weight savings, and just a little bit more power and response. SC Project states that the CR-T was designed “to give a sporty and racing character to your BMW S 1000 R with a deep and dark sound”. You have the choice between the Titanium or Carbon Fiber options, both priced at 525 euros, or the equivalent of $ 620.

The SC Project CR-T slip-on for the BMW S 1000 R is fully approved for the road and approved for Euro5. SC Project claims an overall improvement in throttle response, as well as an increase of 0.6 horsepower at 9,400 rpm. The kit includes the threaded pipe, all springs, screws and hardware needed to install the pipe, heat-resistant exhaust sealant, a warranty booklet, and a certification card verifying it for use in the field. Street.


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