Are magnesium frames the future of e-bikes? Ducati engineers think so



Ducati’s motorcycle experts have released a new foldable electric bike with a magnesium frame to reduce weight – and it costs a lot less than you might expect.

the Ducati MG20 weighs 20.6 kg according to eBikeTips, and is available to order for € 1,599 (approx. $ 1,900 / £ 1,400 / AU $ 2,500). This makes it one of the most affordable folding electric bikes on the market, which is a surprise given the materials – as well as the prestige of the Ducati name.

Ducati is no stranger to electric bikes. The Italian company launched the MIG-RR Electric mountain bike in 2019, and released three folding aluminum electric bikes in 2020. He’s also been working with magnesium since 2018 when he released his first bike with magnesium forged wheels, so it’s no surprise his engineers decided to combine the two.

Folding bikes are notoriously heavy due to the need for sturdy and durable locking hinges and thicker tubes that keep the bike stiff and safe to use. This weight is all the more noticeable when they are compacted and cannot be shouldered like a regular diamond frame bicycle. Folding e-bikes are even heavier due to the need for a battery, so anything that can reduce a few pounds is a welcome improvement.

That said, the Ducati MG20 is not the lightest folding electric bike on the market. The MiRider One weighs only 17.2 kg including battery, so even lighter and more user-friendly backrests can be developed in the future.

A more practical ride?

We are also curious to see how the electric assistance will work with the Ducati MG20. E-bikes typically offer multiple levels of electric assistance that adjust the output of the motor, but the MG20 operates differently, with speed options that limit assistance to 7.5mph, 11mph, or 15.5mph respectively.

Ducati explains that the bike’s motor will automatically adjust according to the road surface, incline and force on the pedals, much like the Cowboy 4, which recently took first place in our ranking. of the best electric bikes of 2021.

It will be interesting to see how this affects the riding experience, especially since promotional photos for the MG20 appear to show a shifter on the right handlebar grip. This suggests that the rider will have control over the gearing of the bike, which could result in a more natural ride for experienced riders than the Cowboy’s hands-off approach.


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