WardWizard sales increased 20% to 2,500 units in September, Auto News, ET Auto



By August 2021, the automaker had sold 2,001 units, and 945 units were sold in July 2021.

New Delhi: WardWizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd, based in Vadodara, maker of electric two-wheeler brand Joy e-bike, said on Wednesday it had recorded 20% growth to 2,500 units of electric scooters and motorcycles. Sales stood at 117 units in the same month last year.

The company was previously known as Manvijay Development Company Ltd.

Yatin Gupte, President and CEO of WardWizard Innovations and Mobility, said, “Business activity in all segments has reached pre-COVID levels. The demands of on-site work amid the prevalence of the pandemic have necessitated the need for personal mobility, increasing the popularity of electric two-wheelers as the preferred choice for daily commuting. “

“Additionally, with government support and consistent awareness campaigns on the adoption of sustainable mobility, we are seeing good traction, especially from new generation cyclists across states. With the peak festival season approaching, we are confident of reaching another benchmark in our sales performance, ”he said.

By August 2021, the automaker had sold 2,001 units, and 945 units were sold in July 2021.

The company said it has made its new automatic assembly line operational from October 2021 at its manufacturing facility in Vadodara. “With the new assembly line, the annual production capacity has increased from one lakh to two lakh units in one shift,” he said.

On a sequential basis, in the second quarter of FY22 (July-September 2021), the company recorded sales of 5,446 units, compared to the first quarter of FY22, where sales were 1,893 units , he said.

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The company, which sells electric two-wheelers under the ‘Joy e-bike’ brand, said its “new automatic assembly line will become operational from October 2021”.

The company saw its vehicle sales increase to a record 435 percent to 2,001 units in August from 374 units in the same period a year ago.


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