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Tricks to Make the Extra Pay Last Much Longer

For the lucky ones who enjoy payroll, surely the extra pay has left them delighted and with the face that ‘life is wonderful’. However, there is no extra salary that fades faster than the extra summer salary. And you know why that amount in your checking account disintegrates so soon? Well, we explain the keys to that speed in this article, so you can defeat your enemy and know what dangers you have to defend your capital.

Not surprisingly, according to a study by Psychology Today, people tend to show a great mood and optimism in summer that results in greater outings and holidays and purchases that, of course, we must pay.


A classic that travel expenses are paid against the extra payment

A classic that travel expenses are paid against the extra payment

In this sense, many would find it very difficult to schedule their vacations without this payment in their account. Therefore, it seems that the extra pay on numerous occasions seems to have been ‘born’ to be spent immediately without we can barely gloat over their zeros.

In short, your joy burdens your finances and leads you to spend your assets quickly, but there are ways to keep spending at bay without losing an apex of your good mood.

Take note of all of them so that the extra pay money covers you a lot more, because perhaps you are one of those who pay the extra pay very little. We teach you tricks to stretch it or at least try.


Tips to save part of the extra summer pay

Tips to save part of the extra summer pay

  • As soon as you receive the income on your payroll, reserve a part of your pay without delay in a second savings account. Thus, you will preserve it from spending and get a small capital,
  • Think about the future and set a distant goal in time like the vacations of the following year. That is the best way to avoid squandering that money at the first exchange rate.
  • Enjoy free leisure. Do not believe that fun always goes hand in hand with money. Many times a trip to the mountains, the countryside or a picnic with friends becomes the best summer entertainment.
  • Stay away from compulsive shopping. We know that sales are a period of the year that some welcome with unusual joy, but perhaps they should fear them because they end up accumulating garments or junk that are unnecessary. Thus, it is not uncommon for us to end up repenting. Therefore, meditate well on your purchases and go with a list that does not admit unforeseen events.
  • It is also true that part of our extra pay inevitably goes to pay for summer air conditioning. In that case, and to cut that expense, we recommend you read our article on how to save on its use. In this sense, there are studies that consider that a family can save up to 2,300 euros per year if it drives well, buys cheaply – but without sacrificing quality – and does not waste energy. The secret? Common sense.
  • Cook at home and prepare dinner with friends in your home. In this way you will be able to lower your bill of exits to restaurants and surely you will be able to multiply the fun in an endearing atmosphere and surrounded by the best friends. You will see that the fun does not stop and is even better.
  • Choose the less popular destinations, but not with less magic and charm. Not surprisingly, these are usually cheaper and, as we said, not without magic.
  • Internet is your ally to either schedule trips or find good deals and purchases.
  • If you can, it differs part of your most important expenses with the help of the credit card.
  • Avoid annual payments in summer. We talk, for example, about car insurance. If it is impossible, try to fractionate them.
  • You can also use online and urgent loans to keep up with these summer expenses.
  • Adjust to the budget, it may cost you at first but then you will see that it is simpler than it initially seemed. It’s all about getting used to it. Thus, saving is a skill that costs to dominate, but that with practice you will end up dominating and incorporating in your day to day.
  • The bargains are a great find when it really is something we need. However, many of us end up succumbing to them even if we don’t need that object just because of its attractive price.


Spaniards dedicate the extra pay to go on vacation

Spaniards dedicate the extra pay to go on vacation

Likewise, it seems that among the Spaniards the message of dedicating that extra pay to defray the holidays and even 11% recognizes spending up to the last cent on their business, according to a study by the Monster employment portal

On the other hand, only 12% decide to save part of that money. The study cited also reveals that in Spain 50% of workers do not get any extra pay. Therefore, it is a labor right that not everyone perceives.




Of course, if it turns out that you don’t have the ability to save part of your extra summer pay, don’t forget that in our online loan comparator we have an abundant online credit catalog that you can request quickly and without asking questions. You decide how, how much and on what to spend that loan with total freedom.

So if you have summer without a trip, even if it is modest, on your agenda, we invite you to browse through our comparator where you can find out about offers and choose the most suitable conditions for you.

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