Owners of the new Barolo will not serve Italian food



JOLIET, Illinois – Real estate developer Joliet Charles Sharp district says he was sad to see Barolo restaurant close recently after a successful long run to 2765 Black Road. Guy and Melissa Turi announced on Facebook that they had sold their restaurant business.

Sharp told Joliet Patch on Tuesday that the new owners will not keep the Barolo’s name when they open their new restaurant. A Mexican seafood restaurant that also features live music will occupy the Barolo location, Sharp said.

“It won’t be Italian food,†Sharp said.

Sharp said he couldn’t divulge all the details just yet, but he was comfortable telling Joliet Patch that the new Mexican seafood restaurant already has a thriving restaurant in Du Page County.

The owners of this restaurant will add another location in Joliet, according to Sharp.

Sharp said he recently visited the DuPage County restaurant and the food and atmosphere was great.

According to Sharp, the new Mexican seafood restaurant will likely not open in its Infantry Drive plaza for a few months. Sharp said he understands the new owners plan to remodel the interior of the Barolo before it opens on the west side of Joliet.

As for the Turis, “they’ve been really good for the community,” said Sharp. “They had great food. The guy is a good guy.”


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