MV Agusta launches into the electric mobility game with AMO Premium electric bikes



The Italian motorcycle manufacturer, an industry staple and a legend in its own right for decades, is diversifying. Since 1945, when it was founded in Cascina Costa, Italy, MV Agusta has worked tirelessly for “The art of artisanal motorcycles”. “The race experience in the service of mass production” is another company motto and while both can be blamed for their marketing verbosity, they are a testament to the company’s commitment and passion for the world of two wheels.

Well, if you want to spread the gospel about the joys of two-wheelers, inclusion is always a good place to start. MV Agusta is diversifying, plunging headfirst into the already crowded electric mobility market. According to the last press release, the passage in this sector will not be superficial, hasty or performative, but according to the same standards to which they held themselves when building motorcycles.

MV Agusta will first offer two electric bikes, then an electric scooter. Scooters, whether motorized or not, have often been described as the bane of modern cities, but they still hold great value for the private sector as they offer certain advantages over other urban mobility solutions which are everything. simply unbeatable. MV Agusta, like other companies exploiting the electric mobility market, knows this.

Details on the e-scooter have yet to be released, but the first look at the e-bikes should tell you everything there is to know about the new range from the Italian manufacturer: it will be of high quality. and she do not be cheap. These are top of the line products, built and priced accordingly.

The range of electric bicycles is called AMO, which is Italian for “I like” and, according to the same press release, it will be “Designed and manufactured in Italy, respecting the brand’s impeccable manufacturing tradition, using the latest technologies and top quality cutting-edge materials. “ Two models are included, the RR and the limited edition RC, the only notable difference between the two being that the latter comes with carbon rims and the white and black “Reparto Corse” livery.

Both the AMO RR and the AMO RC will both be designed and handcrafted in Italy, following the company’s promise to deliver the same MV Agusta quality as the motorcycles. They will be powered by a 250W Mahle ebikemotion x35 motor offering assistance up to 25 km / h (15.5 mph) and a Panasonic 250 Wh battery with an estimated range of 75 km (46.6 miles) with a single charge. A full charge is completed in four hours.

Both e-bikes feature an aluminum frame with a carbon fork, Gates Carbon belt drive, Magura MT4 hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, and Pirelli tires. You don’t get a suspension because this is a city bike. You also don’t get a torque button like you would in most e-bikes regardless of the price range, but you do get a single button to power the AMO and switch from assist mode. to the other.

The goal was to create a lightweight, sleek and discreet electric bike, so MV Agusta did away with all the bulky electronics. From a distance you might even be able to tell that it was an electric bike. Pick it up and you could be just as cheated: Either of the AMO models tips the scales at just 15.5 kg (34 pounds), which is very light compared to most e-bikes.

AMO electric bikes are designed for “Sophisticated and demanding city dwellers for whom getting around town on a sports motorcycle is not the most practical option”, said MV Agusta. This description should give you a price hint: AMO RR starts at € 3,075 ($ 3,650), while AMO RC starts at € 4,100 ($ 4,870), to which you add taxes. Deliveries are scheduled for August of this year, and each model will be offered in limited numbers – only 200 units for RC.

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