“Antonio Conte gave us the basis to win, Simone Inzaghi having her own significant season”


Inter defender Stefan de Vrij believes Inter are in great shape this season, partly thanks to the solid foundations laid by Antonio Conte, but also thanks to what Simone Inzaghi has added.

Speaking to Italian broadcaster DAZN, the 29-year-old offered his take on how each coach left their mark on the Nerazzurri, among other topics.

De Vrij has seen the Nerazzurri grow significantly in the three and a half seasons he has been at the club so far, and the last campaign was a turning point.

Scudetto’s victory showed the team had arrived in a certain sense, with the influence of current Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte clear in the organization and the clinical advantage the team showed on the pitch. .

This season, however, the Nerazzurri appear to be taking another step forward in their development, and much of it owes it to the work of current coach Inzaghi.

Comparing the two to Dutch impressionist painters, de Vrij said that “Conte is more Mondrian while Inzaghi is more Van Gogh”.

“These are two coaches who have proven themselves because they have won,” he continued.

The defender explained that “I had worked with Inzaghi before at Lazio, Conte had an important career and always won.”

“When you work with him you understand why,” he added of Conte.

“They are also attacking,” he said of the wide center-backs, “under Conte we won the Scudetto after a long time and now it shows. When Inzaghi started the season the base was already there. and he’s having his own important season. “

De Vrij took issue with the idea that playing as a center-back in the last three is a straightforward task, saying “Not for me, it’s not. It might seem like you have more coverage, but you need a lot of communication.

“There is a three or five man line and you have to break it more often to get out,” he continued. “We call ourselves the exits.”

De Vrij opened up about his musical tastes, stating that “I grew up with rock and indie rock thanks to my parents putting on CDs of Pearl-Jam, Nirvana, Dire Straits when we went on vacation.”

“Then my brother recommended that I listen to classical music and I was really impressed,” he added.

He also spoke of his love of cycling, stating that “I did it all on my bike. I grew up in a tiny village of 5,000 people and everyone gets around by bike. I went to school on my bicycle, as well as to football.

“And even when I was playing with Feyenoord, where I made my debut at 17,” he recalls.

“Before, I used to go to the stadium by bike or by metro, and the supporters would ask me: ‘Are you going to play?’ And I said ‘Yes, I’m going’, ”he continued.

He also clarified that his name is pronounced like “de Frei” and that “the Dutch pronunciation is among the most difficult in the world”.

Of his friends at the club, de Vrij named “Dumfries, who is Dutch.” He jokes a lot, then in the field he is a warrior. Very nice guy. Then we often go out with Calhanoglu, Radu.

He named his favorite author “Steven King, since I was little”.

And when asked who would be “king” at Inter, the 29-year-old replied “Coach Inzaghi, or maybe captain Handanovic”.


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