Month: August 2019

Tricks to Make the Extra Pay Last Much Longer

For the lucky ones who enjoy payroll, surely the extra pay has left them delighted and with the face that ‘life is wonderful’. However, there is no extra salary that fades faster than the extra summer salary. And you know why that amount in your checking account disintegrates so soon? Well, we explain the keys Read More

Loan Despite Credit Bureau and Bad Credit

A credit despite credit bureau and bad credit is not hard to come by, considering some things. Some lenders and platforms explicitly advertise for loans despite poor credit ratings. The credit bureauscore table – which credit bureau score is good? If there are hard credit bureau entries, nothing can be done. Also loans without credit Read More

Financing the renovation of your roof: what solution? What rate?

 Renovating a roof can be expensive, depending on the work to be done on the frame and / or tiles, so it is necessary to find a tailor-made financing. Finance a roof renovation Renovation work can quickly become expensive depending on the type of work to be undertaken and roofing is one of the most Read More