Month: July 2019

Loans and finances

Refinancing a loan can pay off when current interest rates and loan margins are lower than those on our loan agreement. It turns out that loans granted in the years 2009-2010 were often more expensive than today’s market offer, the refinancing operation is the most advisable. The conversion of our debt into a cheaper one Read More

Shopaholic on credit | Loans and finances

Shopaholism is a new form of addiction shown by society. Less and less this problem affects women themselves, men also fall into the madness of shopping. Shopping has ceased to satisfy only our needs. We go to relax and meet friends. It happens that by entering the store we lose control. Going one thing, we Read More

The cheapest installment non-bank loans

Non-bank loans are not only payday loans for several hundred zlotys, which you can borrow for a month or two. The offer of some quick loans can successfully compete with a bank loan. You can apply for a high amount, and after a positive decision you will get money instantly to your account. Non-bank loans Read More